Terra Dracones

Session 2
I Love the Dead

Badger and the bloody and beaten Naeris donned disguises and sneaked back to the Swinging Sword. A strange individual (a tiefling, who are often disparaged as a “Weird Ones”, or a “Haxan-child”) awaited you. This was Mordai Torment, and he wished to join you on a quest for coin. With Arona and “Sir” Quanzo missing, you agreed to accept his help in return for a share of any profits. Instead of resting, you skulked away into the night and travelled close to Lance Rock before setting camp. Despite failing to set a watch, no-one was eaten, beaten, kidnapped or disintegrated.

Lance Rock is a long spike of sparkling granite that does not match the rock from the surrounding landscape. It almost looks like a stone spear that was dropped from a great height. A path led from the rock into a cave. A sign was posted on the path warning you away:

Come no closer
lest you catch
the disfiguring plague
that afflicts me!
The Lord of Lance Rock

You ignored the warning and plunged into the cave, soon realizing it was well stocked with undead! First a ‘corpse’ reanimated and attacked Badger when he tried to frisk it. Next, a pair of zombies tried to drop a box of rocks on Naeris. Finally, you ran into three costumed cadavers dressed as a noble lady and a jester (who danced together), as well as a performing bear. The monsters attacked savagely, and you barely survived the encounter.

After a rest, you pushed on deeper into the cave system. It was clearly filled with the trappings of necromancy. You reached a large cavern containing stone slabs bearing bodies and surgical tools. A crazed voice shouted from above “Who dares invade my Kingdom? I am the Lord of Lance Rock!” Badger projected sufficient menace to encourage the wizard to descend a flight of stairs and parley (albeit from behind a large cohort of his rotting creations).

The man introduces himself as Oreioth, a noble and wizard all the way from Pent. During a bizarre discussion you discovered: ii) there is no plague, the sign is just a deterrent, ii) Oreioth was driven away from Pent due to his ‘experiments’, iii) he simply wants to be left alone to tinker with his magic (at least for now), and iv) he has “married” one of his zombies. He had one of his skeletons, “Sir Bobbington” bribe you with 50 gp worth of gems to “not tell the constable” about him.

Of course, you returned to town and told Kaylessa in order to be paid. Now the constable is bound to find out …

Rewards: 5x 10 gp gems from Oreioth. 60 gp from Kaylessa, plus 20 gp worth of free room and board (includes simple meals and wine/ale). You have a choice: 4 individual rooms for 5 days, or beds in a 6 person bunk room for 12 days (the other two spots might be filled by strangers).

Session 1
Horses' Asses

Badger finally ran out of money and was evicted from Mother Yalantha's boarding house. He traveled to The Orphanage (sometimes called Naeris' Place) in search of shelter. Arona, an orphanage resident who knew Seebo, convinced Naeris to let Seebo stay at the monastery for a few days.

Later that night, a monk from The Monastery visited with his odd son "Sir" Quanzo. The pair brought bags of grain to donate to the orphanage. Their generosity however, did not stop Naeris from trying to rob thems. Quanzo Senior caught Naeris red-handed and demanded to know what was going on.

Naeris admitted his lack of funds, and that he was in debt to some wealthy folk from Lonesome. They were trying to use the debt to take the orphanage building. Your group of young adnveturers decided to band together and help Naeris raise funds (while also lining your own pockets, of course). Naeris put the oldest of the orphans – Bob – in charge and prepared for a journey.

You set forth for Lonesome, penniless and without much food. Seebo decided to 'convince' an old woman to give you vegetables for free (i.e. you robbed a poor old lady). Her husband and sons rode out to punish your group, but were easily chased off. The old man swore to tell the sheriff about your crime.

Once in Lonesome, you spent some time investigating employment opportunities, the following options arose:

  1. [[Kaylessa Irkell]], the landlord of The Swinging Sword thinks something shady is going on in Lonesome and is related to a sinister presence at Lance Rock. She offered you gold to investigate it. You also rented lodgings at the inn.
  2. (see below) Albaeri Mellikho offered you gold to take out a group of bandits to the south, who are raiding her caravans.

After that, you paid visits to Naeris' various creditors to ask them for leniency. In general, you discovered Naeris can buy the orphanage out of trouble with 250 gold pieces. However, you must separately pay 125 each to Elak Dornen and Albaeri Mellikho otherwise there is no deal. Two encounters with those folk went like so:

  1. Elak Dornen: refused to help you out in any way. You saw him writing a letter in a strange language.
  2. Albaeri Mellikho: decided to waive her half of Naeris' debt if you head south to eliminate a group of bandits interfering with her business. 

In the morning, you were woken to a ruckus in the street, and watched a huge red-bearded man (Bruxus) beat a youth to death as part of a 'duel' in the street. What happened next gets rather confusing.  Some rumors suggest your entire party was drunk and egging Naeris on. Others whisper that Naeris has a faery or demon in his head. Whatever the reason, Naeris infuriated the sheriff by stealing his hat. He then infuriated the obnoxious Bruxus, who captured Naeris and tied him up in the basement of Gaelkur's barber shop and general store.

Arona met with a contact named Furi and gained some information about Bruxus:

  • For the last 18 months he and his associates adventure outside of town, largely searching for treasure in ruins. They return to Lonesome to sell it and spend it, because returning to the wilderness once more.
  • His associates are called Nellatie (elven archer) and Galum (wizard).
  • The trio eat and drink at the Hagfish each morning, and retire to Gaelkur's for the afternoon. They are always associated with acts of random, drunken violence.

The rest of you tracked Naeris down and managed to convince Marlandro Gaelkur to let him go while Bruxus was drinking at The Hagfish. You dragged the nearly dead half-elf back to The Swinging Sword and started to plot against the big red-bearded bastard who kidnapped him …


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